“Timelines”: A Short Story on Past Lives

by Trish Wilson

17th Century, Japan

Yuchiro was the head general of his villages’ militia, and though he exuded an aggressive, cold exterior to his peers, in truth, he had a soft encompassing heart that he concealed. The only soul that saw his true self was a soft spoken hand-maiden named Yuki, with a heart shaped face and pearly white skin.

Yuki was a hand-maiden, pregnant but not yet showing. Due to social class, it was forbidden for her to be involved with a general, but this did not bother her. Her heart knew what she truly desired. She didn’t however, want their child’s life to be in danger.

They were quiet and discreet with one another. Having short moments of blissful privacy during the late hours of the night, they made plans to depart their village and start a family together.

Yuki saw Yuchiro’s smile and knew that it would sustain her forever.

Their love was withstanding, spanning across space, and even lifetimes.

21st Century, United States

Gabrielle was a soft-spoken girl, with bronze skin and large warm eyes. Though she was of indigenous background, many mistook as Asian for her deep brown, slanted eyes. In a small town in Vermont, she worked in a grocery store as a cashier.

Daniel was a tall man, with red hair, and face lightly dusted with freckles. He was on leave from the military, stationed for 12 months in Japan, and now taking up residence back in Vermont with his family. He definitely was the father figure in his family, taking care of his elderly parents, and supporting his younger siblings. He owned his powerful presence and took comfort in leadership.

Gabrielle heard the bell sound as the front door opened. She looked up and froze at the sight of the red haired man that entered the store.

Daniel stared at the woman at the counter. Drawn to her, yet not knowing why, he approached and extended his hand toward the stranger.

“Konichiwa,” he said. Shaking the stranger’s hand, he wondered why he didn’t greet her in English.

Without a thought, and no obvious prior knowledge of Japanese, Gabrielle grabbed his hand. The encounter between them felt strangely reminiscent of a reunion.

“Nice to see you again.” Gabrielle replied with a bright smile on her face. Tears brimmed her eyes.

Though they never met in 21st Century U.S., they had history with Feudal Era Japan. Hundreds of lifetimes could not keep their love apart.



The Force

About the Future:

I’m not going to say I’m not afraid because this simply isn’t true. I have fears and rightfully so. I am human. Divinely embodied, but still human. And so, to the last part of my ego that is thrashing about, trying to have her fill of the spotlight, I say to her: “you’ll be just fine.”

If there’s one thing I’ve realized about the Universe and the Divine Plan, it’s that everything works out. Some call it divine timing, divine intervention, WHATEVER it is, some guiding force is out there looking out for you.

And that’s enough to hang on to.