What Does It Mean To Be A Lightworker?

Definition: I ponder this question this morning as with recent events, I believe what the world needs now is more unity, love, and most importantly, light. Light workers are people who have incarnated on Earth not only on a specific mission to support planetary ascension, but to ground and channel light. By grounding light, light workers unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) make grid works around the world that help others to access this light as well. For example, my guides frequently send me to places that are highly visited by others, such as Walt Disney World or New York City’s Central Park. I’ll then be guided to sit or stand for a while, just allowing the energy to flow through and ground deep into the Earth. It not only helps to raise the vibration of the particular place, but it allows visitors the space of accessing those higher forms of light if they so wish.

Aura & Energies: Many aura readers I’ve come across always for a fact read a light workers fields and see an overabundance of light. So many people are unconsciously attracted to light workers and cannot explain why, but because of the light they hold, it is almost impossible to ignore. Light workers unconsciously project the message of “Hey! I can help you!” into the world. Many light workers are empathic, and literally soak up lower, dense energies from people and places, transmuting these energies even when they aren’t aware. Light workers will very often complain of mood swings and feeling irritable, especially when around a large group of people after some period of time. They need time to “recharge” or to detox from these energies, and will very often seclude themselves to do so. This happened to me my entire life. I couldn’t explain why I got so physically tired or moody after going to shopping malls or large arenas. Now I know more appropriate methods of shielding to help prevent this from happening. The Violet flame is excellent for this!

Ghosts: Light workers may find themselves attracting people that have recently passed over, or ghosts, as their light tends to confuse the newly deceased. The “go into the light” term can be quite confusing as so many of these ghosts may accidentally confuse a light worker for a portal. So many nights I’ve woken to ghosts or lost souls looking terrified and asking for help to move on. There are also methods to helping them pass along through light portals that you can open and use with some assistance of your angels and guides.

Relationships: Light workers are natural healers so they will very often attract wounded relationships. It’s very likely for light workers to enter romantic and platonic relationships with others and then after a while feel physically, mentally, and emotionally drained because their energy is constantly merging and transmuting for their significant other. Often, the significant other will feel so much freer, lighter, and happier whilst in a relationship with a light worker, but more often than not, this is not the same case for the light worker. Light workers must then take caution that they’re not projecting their insecurities into the Universe, so that they do not attract people and experiences that mirror these insecurities. Further along their path, when the light worker has done enough inner work, they will move past attracting wounded relationships and begin to attract their soul group and higher level relationships, including other light workers.

There is so much more to say on the duties and abilities of light workers including grounding on the astral realms and their psychic abilities, but I’ll leave that for another time!

If you need some assistance with helping others pass over or have any inquiries as how to shield yourself, you can message me here! I’d love to help.